Wiluvbeats Studios offer a wide variety of package rates for artistes, musicians, producers, sound engineers and sound designers. Also, the studio can be booked for film and photography. We customize our services depending on your specific needs and work within your budget. If you are overseas, we help arrange your stay with us.

Producers & Engineers Package – STUDIO SPACE RENTAL This Studio Space rental package is perfect for producers and engineers who already have their team and are simply looking for a recording space.

Artist & Musicians Package – RECORDING SERVICES  This package is perfect for Artists. Whether it’s a demo track, an instrumental, your first single or your album, Wi are record-ready! Wiluvbeats only houses professional microphones, both condenser and dynamic. Our recording booth is an intimate, private space where the recording Artist can feel free to express themselves.

Mixing Services

Cohesion: that’s our main objective when we mix. For projects already recorded, we can provide mixing services of vocals, instruments or the entire track. You’ve worked your magic, now let us work ours!

Ad Production

30 second radio ads can be produced upon request. Wiluvbeats can provide services such as Script-writing, Vocal Talents, Track Production, Recording & Mixing  for your ad.

Track Production 

Not limited by any particular genre, Wiluvbeats can create a song track/music bed/instrumental from 2 to 4 minutes. **Track production does not include vocal coaching, vocal recording, song-writing or mixing and mastering.

Audio Post- Production 

Our engineers are fully capable of taking on your film needs as they are Pro-Tools Certified and versatile to work just about any DAW. Our Audio post duties include: Sound mixing, Audio clean up, ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement), Film Score Composition.

Vocal Coaching

Interested in taking your vocals to the next level? No matter the genre or style, your performance requires the best of you, both on stage and in the studio. Consult with our vocal coach to find out what works best for you!

If you are outside of Trinidad and Tobago, we can assist you in arranging your accommodation and travel. Come work in your private recording studio in the Caribbean!


Select Your Studio Package

Sessions can be booked hourly with a minimum of two hours. Packages can be customized to suit our needs depending on the nature of the production.

Call or email to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss how we can put together a package for you for any size project.

We continue to maintain quality service and professionalism for every session. In order to maintain this level of service, we have a few guidelines.



We are also reasonable so call us for any project and let’s chat about next steps.

  • 2 hours minimum required on all sessions.
  • Bookings are available by appointments only. Feel free to call us anytime.
  • Bookings should be made 24 hours in advance however, it is recommended to book 2 – 4 days in advance to ensure room and engineer. If you are in a bind, just call us.
  • Sessions are not considered booked until a deposit is made.
  • Sessions are billed from the official booked start time, not from when clients arrive. Please note, with respect to our other clients, if you arrive an hour late, you will not be able to run an hour past the session end time. Time can be credited and schedule for a later date.


  • We provide you with credit for future bookings instead of refunds.
  • Sessions must be cancelled 24-hours before the official start time. Time can be re-booked and credited at any available future time without penalty.
  • Sessions cancelled in less than 12 hours before the officially booked start time will forfeit the deposit.


  • 50% deposit required for all bookings
  • Payments are currently done via PayPal or cash.


  • Customizing your project (36+ hrs) allows us to design a package best suited for you that fits your budget and availability. This includes multiple mixes, recording/mixing/mastering packages, mixtape packages and multiple blocks for recording time. 


  • 50% deposit required for all bookings
  • Mixing services are not included in recording sessions. These are separate processes, and charged per song or project basis, not hourly.

Contact to arrange an introductory meeting to discuss and get you started!

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